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Jtv/hd500 Anyway To Lock The Tone Knob Across All Models?

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I'm one of those players that literally never touches the tone knob on the guitar.  One of the big draws of the JTV/HD500 combination was the possibility of controlling one of the aspects of the patch with the tone knob.  I understand the basic concept of how to set it up, however I'm wondering if there is a way to "lock" the tone knob universally across all JTV models.


For instance, I have a patch on my hd500 set up where the tone knob on the JTV controls the mix on my delay.  The patch defaults with a Lester model on the JTV, but there are a handful of tunes I'd like to slide over to maybe a strat or tele model, when I switch models with the selector on the JTV, the tone knob initiates and starts controlling the tone of the new model.  Anyway to set it so it's not controlling the tone on any of the JTV models?


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As I am also more or less not touching the tone knob, I have assigned the amp vol to the Tone knob to get some additional volume when needed.


There are some things I have found out so far using the tone knob to assign and control amp and/or effect parameters:


- Not aware that there is way to assign globally to all presets / Variax models. I do this on a preset level.


- Tone knob assignment works not with magnetic PUs. Only when choosen with a Variax model (maybe self speaking - but this wasn't to me).


- The amplifier-volume can only be assigned permanently, when I assign lowest amp-vol to MAX and highest amp-vol to MIN but not the opposite. Doing the opposite, the tone of the choosen Variax model is also affected when switching between presets, although tone is locked. I suggest to try this setting with the mix-parameter on the delay FX. Maybe this works for you.


- Switching the PU-position within ONE Variax Model terminates the tone knob control and original Tone is affected too.

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