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How Do I Save A Preset And Assign it to A, B, C or D

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Good day,


I'm a newbie here.....


Recently just bought an Amplifi FX100.... Was please with the design and etc.....


My issues....


  1. I like a preset from Cloud E.g Metallica - Battery tone. How can i assign & save it to my preset "A" foot switch, so that even without the app, its already in there?
  2. How can i edit a preset and assign it into 1 of the foot switch? Everytime, when i change A to B and B to A, it restarted again into the default preset


Very much appreciate for all the helps.....






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Hold down the currently active foot switch button (the one with a solid red light around it) for a few seconds until all 4 buttons flash. Release the button, and stomp the button for the slot you want to put the sound into. This overwrites the settings on that spot.

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