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Helix, recording and headphones.


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Hi All,


I am using the Helix as my input device for my MAC and using Logic for recording. Now I am using a MOTU 8 PRE Output for headphones/monitors etc. 


The problem I am facing is I cannot hear anything while I play, I can hear play back absolutely fine. If I change the headphone amp to the MAC i still cannot hear anything. I am new to this, can someone point me in there right direction?





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Depending on your computers horsepower, you might get som Latency that way - Your soundcard should have direct monitoring - look in your manual (I dont know the MOTU8, really) 

If not you could send the playback sound into AUX in on Helix, but to make this work you would have to have a clear path just for this signal to go through Helix and out of Helix' Headphones out.

Edit: But i Have recorded with another MOTU device, that had a software in which you could control direct monitoring, Reverb, etc... 

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thanks for input guys... For now I have just tried the direct to Helix as the sound module.


Have you guys experienced and noises.. clicks and pops mainly?


Its odd as it just creeps in and gets worse. I remove the USB cable for about 10 secs and then plug back in and its fine again.

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Recording USB from helix to the Mac and the issues described. Is this only an issue with El Capitan OSX.


Does USB recording from Helix into DAW (Logic, etc) work ok on Mavericks OSX? I am still on Mavericks. Would like to know before I buy.

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