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Line 6 L3t - Selective outputs to FOH

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Is it possible to connect 2 guitars to the L3t and send only 1 output to the FOH?


Here's the scenario:


1 guitarist is using a Kemper and has his own amp. He sends his signal to the FOH through the kemper.


However since he is on the other side of the stage, I would like to hear his guitar on my L3t. (sort of a monitor for myself)  


Now, I'm running my guitar into a Pod Hd Pro X into the L3t and would like to send only my signal to the FOH. (sort of a reference speaker / monitor)


The hiccup is that I use stereo patches. 


Is this possible?

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The short answer to your specific question is 'No'. But you may have other options.


Please provide more info about your PA/FOH setup and equipment. For instance, is the L3t speaker strictly an onstage monitor for you, or is it also one of the FOH Mains? Do you use a PA/mixer that supports stage monitors?

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I think you will need an additional small mixer. Run your POD HD ProX XLR outputs directly to FOH, not through the L3t. Then connect your POD 1/4" mono output, as well as the other guitarist's input, to your personal mixer inputs. (I presume the other guitarist has some way of getting his signal across the stage to you. I think that's implied in your original question.)


Connect the small mixer outputs to your L3t monitor and mix as desired. You will have your POD stereo going to FOH and two mono signals - you and the other guitarist - blended in your monitor.

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Another option without adding a mixer is to pair your L3t to one of the existing monitor outputs. You would again send your FOH signal directly from the POD to FOH. Connect your L3t to the existing monitor and persuade some other band member to use the same monitor mix that satisfies both requirements - theirs and yours.

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No - stereo vs. mono is not the issue. It's signal routing and mixing signals from multiple devices.


The most productive thing for you to do is to route your FOH signal directly to FOH from your POD - not through the L3t. That opens up either of the options above.

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