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Solved: Latency between patches ok unless preamp in FX Loop with 4CM

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Hi all,


I've just bought Firehawk FX. I'm using it with Peavey Classic 30 in the 4CM setup. I've read all about the dreaded patch change latency problem but decided to give it a try instead. The latency of changing patches is ok for my purpose. It could be better but all in all my Peavey Classic 30 has a similar latency while switching between channels.




Everything is nice and ok unless I don't use the preamp of my Peavey in the effect loop. If that is the case the latency of patch switching reaches 1 second or more. The sound cuts and then slowly arises from zero.


To give it simple:

Guitar -> FX -> Send RCV in Peavey  ----------- Patch Switching OK

Guitar -> FX -> 4CM -------------------------------- Patch Switching with 1 second latency (sound arrising)


Can it be a matter of the preamp of my Peavey that needs to somehow re-init if getting signal from INPUT or is it a problem of the Firehawk ?


Please help, I don't know whether to return the unit because using it like this is impossible ... :/

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It's not the FX Line that caused the latency between patch changes. It was actually the "Analog Chorus" that caused the "1second +" problem. I've changed it to another one and the problem dissapeared.


Now I'm happy again with my product and can go to sleep peacefully :P

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I am only having latency delays when patches have synths active. I'm not having a problem with choruses or delays or overdrives. And that is with or without 4CM.


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