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Bluetooth instability is back

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Well since today, when playing while streaming music for practice, the Bluetooth connection quit and the tone get back to the preset tone in memory 1 or the streaming stops, it is either or.

After reconnecting, it happens after a few strophes playing and streaming.


Reloaded the Amplifi App, downloaded the Line6 patch 1.07 (the file is dated October 29, 2015, but the patch is labeled 2/2/2016 on the website???)


No Amplifi App update lately, no iOS update lately, no nothing.


From my experience with the Amplifi devices this is the worst failure I ever have experienced. The device is effectively useless yet.


What happens?

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The App works properly now, so the connection is influenced by issues with the Cloud. Should be reviewed by Line6, such interferences are weird.

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