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Bluetooth instability is back


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Well since today, when playing while streaming music for practice, the Bluetooth connection quit and the tone get back to the preset tone in memory 1 or the streaming stops, it is either or.

After reconnecting, it happens after a few strophes playing and streaming.


Reloaded the Amplifi App, downloaded the Line6 patch 1.07 (the file is dated October 29, 2015, but the patch is labeled 2/2/2016 on the website???)


No Amplifi App update lately, no iOS update lately, no nothing.


From my experience with the Amplifi devices this is the worst failure I ever have experienced. The device is effectively useless yet.


What happens?

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The App works properly now, so the connection is influenced by issues with the Cloud. Should be reviewed by Line6, such interferences are weird.


IDK what the deal is with this product, I hadn't used it for a while and I went to play it yesterday and it connected but the controls didn't work although it did decide to start playing some random song that was on my phone for some reason while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it and why it was unresponsive, I had to reconnect it 2 times, restart my phone, turn the Bluetooth on/off again, and then it finally started working right and then worked fine for the next couple hours I was playing.  My plan is to get another amp or the Helix and then use the Amplifi to play music/backing tracks/saved loops while I use the other amp or Helix to jam on.  The only reason I'm not overly upset is that the Amplifi was inexpensive and it's great to use to play music on using the aux-in, sounds really good with the songs on my phone, I use it as a stereo these days more than for playing guitar. 

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