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Podxt Live Volume/wah Pedal

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I'm having an issue with my Pod. I just picked up an old XT Live used, but what seemed mint condition. However, the volume does not come all the way out when I back the pedal down all the way. I checked the setting, and it shows 0 for minimum volume, so that's not it. Last night at a gig, the wah wouldn't kick in. I had to stomp it REALLY hard, then it finally did. Then, periodically, it would kick in by itself and I'd have to hit the patch to get it out. Is there supposed to be a little rubber pad or anything on the bottom of the pedal to hit the button under there? Because there isn't now, and I wonder if it fell off while bouncing aroung in the gear trailer.



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OK, update.... It worked for a couple weeks, but once I got into the first gig it failed again. Also, the volume pedal is back to not going all the way out after I calibrated it (when I replaced the board). So it's not the 2 small boards under the pedal. What is it? I mean, I can feel the pedal click, the wah is just not engaging. This is so frustrating!!! Someone please help!

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