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Vyzex kills Pocket POD

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I just installed Vyzex onto a 2012 MBP running El Cap.


Plugged the guitar cable in, plugged the USB into the rear USB port.


The Computer reports new midi ports available.


My Pocket POD did not power up (it was working minutes before).


Vyzex asks me to configure midi ports. Then offers a grey screen/window.


LED next to TAP button flashes every second or so.


Unit is otherwise dead.




After removing the USB and powering the POD down, re-inserting the Guitar cable now cannot wake/boot the pod.

The TAP light still flashes and is responsive to tap timing changes.


Phones with a guitar in are dead apart from a faint "machine" hum.


Tried factory reset. Nada.


Any ideas on what to do next? The PPod is relatively new and the software undoubtably affected it.

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I know their site is down and no downloads available for it on the line 6 site.  Just got mine today and I am really bummed I can't download any more presets.  Anyone else hear anything?

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My Pocket Pod totally bricked after trying to update with Vyzex. No light, no hum, nothing.


Eventually in fit of absent minded desperation, I connected the "guitar in" to the "headphone in".

Although this makes absolutely no sense, the pod started up and has been working fine ever since. 

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