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Who would like a Line6 FRFR Cab specially for Helix?


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ColonelForbin, on 12 Feb 2016 - 12:59 PM, said:


Lol, for the record, I did three DT wet-dry-wet! Had two DT25 combos for the stereo wet, and a DT25 head+ cab for the center dry. Sounded great! :)

Whoa, I stand corrected. One person! All my work wasn't for naught! You made my day, my friend. :D


radatats, on 12 Feb 2016 - 1:11 PM, said:

so does that mean L6link has run its course as a standard for digital connectivity across the Line 6 product spectrum? No future Stagescape integration either then?

Not at all. We're still developing new products with L6 LINK; the protocol would just be wasted on Firehawk 1500, because it's not a product anyone would network—except for ColonelForbin, apparently.  ;)

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Personally I'd love to see a smaller FH amp - either as a combo or as a head and cab. So how's this for an idea - if there was such a thing as a FH cab you could plug in the matching FH head...      ...OR your Helix, in which case the cab acts as a stereo FRFR speaker system, similar to the Gemini etc; so one cab would work with two different products...

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Because nobody want to Pay for something that he doesn't need.



Hummm, I've been doing that with taxes for years...



We're still developing new products with L6 LINK


What about the old products? Any new development there?  ;)

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