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HD400 - A few newbie questions...

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Hi all,


  I just picked up a POD HD400 and have some questions. Here is how I will run it most of the time. I run the HD400 in front of my Marshall Class 5 head and cabinet. I would like to set up a few patches, mainly as a lead boost. I want to combine some OD/Distortion with a touch of delay to get that singing lead tone that Neal Schon or Brian May has. I would also need to run other various effects on certain songs my band plays. I.E. I need tremolo for Born on the Bayou, reverb for other songs, etc. Should I use the FX without the amp modeling, or would it sound good using the amp modeling? Also, If I use the FX without the amp modeling in front of an amp, and we need to go direct into the P.A. with no amps. Would I then be able to dial up those same effects but, add amp modeling too, and how do I accomplish that? I am new to Line 6 effects but, not new to music. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

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My suggestion for starting off with line 6 is run the HD400 into the FX return of your head....Spin up some patches....Use the PRE amp models....Since you have a Marshall head, you really have no need for the FULL models that include power amp modeling...This should get you going pretty quickly and help you get under the HD400...Personally, this is the way I would go...Keeps things simple and easy to tweak....

Find the PRE models that work and forego the complexity of 4CM....But if you find you really just have to have your Marshall preamp too...


Next, move to a 4CM setup....


GTR->HD400 GTR Input

HD400 FX Send->Marshall GTR Input

Marshall FX Send->HD400 RX Return

HD400 Left 1/4 Main out-> Marshall FX Return


This will allow to you to swap between an amp model in the patch and the Marshall preamp on any patch you want...takes some cables and some tweaking, but it works just fine...just that is is a complicated setup that requires a little tap dancing on the switches if you go this route...Some people like it...


Best of Luck to you...

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