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USB recording issues

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When I plug my Amplifi 75 into my pc via USB I get a buzzing sound.


There isn't a constant buzz but any time a sound comes through from either the guitar or something played on the PC the sound crackles.  I really want to do some recording but this makes it sound horrid.


The USB cable works fine with my Toneport UX2 and everything else.



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Hi Jeemus,


I haven't heard of any case of this with Amplifi 75 as of yet. But I would recommend a factory reset just to make sure, and if you haven't updated your unit thats another recommendation as well. 


To update your unit, download the Line 6 updater from our support tab. Open program while Amplifi 75 is connected and update to latest firmware. Then perform a factory reset. 


Factory Reset: power your unit off> hold down the master volume knob and the tone button while powering on.


Make sure to back up all presets as this will reset the onboard presets. 

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