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Can I add a multi effect pedal between my guitar and my amplifi 75

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I am not an expert, thus excuse my ignorance ! :)

It might sounds absurd or at best weird, but since I cannot have more than 4 presets on the amplify, if I want to play live without iphone but with more sounds I think of using my old multi effect pedal before the amplifi and use a simple and clean preset on the amplifi. 

Would that work or could it damage the amplifi? if it works, what set up on the amplifi would work best in this case? 


I know I could also buy the line 6 compatible pedal, but I want to avoid more investment

Thanks for your advice

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That won't cause any problem at all with the AMPLIFi. You won't have to change any settings in AMPLIFi, but if your multiFX unit has the ability it would be best to set its output signal level to Amp rather than Line.


Otherwise you'll just have to be aware of the FX blocks that you are using in the multiFX vs. those in the AMPLIFi preset. There's no right or wrong placement of FX in the signal chain, but typically one uses FX like compressor, distortion, wah, and others before the amp, and FX like chorus, delay, and reverb after the amp. That would argue that you probably would not, for instance, use a reverb FX in your multiFX unit but rather use the AMPLIFi preset for reverb.


Also, when you are using the multiFX unit you will undermine the Tone Matching feature of AMPLIFi. You will stil be able to obtain 'matching' presets from the cloud, but any external FX will defeat the accuracy of matching.

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+1 to silverhead

Also, you can use the aux in which bypasses all the AMPLIFi's tone processing.

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