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Everything using Helix


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In this little song everything is played using only Helix and a Squier Telecaster CV even Bass and organ.(except drums).

amp are Matchless and Supro.

Recorded directly via USB in a notebook Toshiba.

A very simple set up.





I think the sound quality is pretty good.



Helix is a studio in a box.

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I clicked expecting to hear garbage*, but it's really good. Sounds very pro too. 


Well done man. 


*The internet has made me into a very negative person. Apologies. 

I posted to show how is simple to achieve good sounds with a simple set up, anyway i'm not a guitar virtuoso, i like to build a song and mixing.

In this case i exeprimented the new york compression trick that i recently learn from YT mixing tutorial.

I'd like to listen to anybody who recorded vocals using helix.


Of course i'm glad if you liked my song.

It's not perfect i made it in a sunday afternoon, 2 or 3 hours.

It's my hobby.

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