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Pod hd500 + pre amp + power amp 4 method cable connections

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Hi Guys!!
i was trying to understand the 4 cable method, and actually did, but the problem is that i cant find instructions for my gear.
i have a POD HD500 for a while and i recently bought a engl power amp (2 x 50), that's fine because i was using the POD as Pre amp, the cab is stereo compatible so i use the 2 inputs.
the problem was when i get the pre engl e530.
i want to know how to make the 4 cable method in this case (if it can) to keep using the POD just for effects. 
- pod hd500
- engl e530 pre
- engl e840/50 power
- laney gs412l






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Hey, got the same problem, did you find out ???


My gear :


engl e530 pre

for now i m using the power section of a randall head (still waiting for a poweramp)

randall cab

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