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Line 6 Staff squeaky expression pedal answer?


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(dumb) question: does one have to take the bottom off of the Helix, to access the hex adjustment of the expression pedal? I noticed a squeak recently but it's not horrible (yet).


The hex adjustment is accessed from the side of the unit.


Post #35 above by Aceaj78 says the parts that cause the squeaking can be fixed without taking the bottom off. He'd make a better surgeon than me cause it looks like there's hardly any room at all to apply a lubricant that way without getting gunk in places you don't want gunk.

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I just went out this morning and grabbed a tiny container of silicone grease, popped off the back and greased up the rod that goes through the exp pedal (the one you adjust with an allen wrench for your exp pedal tightness) now its dead quiet! So happy it was an easy DIY fix! Don't even bother sending it in, it's super easy to do yourself.

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I didn't see any LT-specific details about how to remove the cover, so to do it I had to unscrew all the screws on the bottom of the unit and then remove the two plastic side panels, plus two screws on the back of the unit. Once I did, I applied some lithium grease after first loosening the large axle bolt on the outside of the pedal so that some space was made between the internal plastic washer and the metal. I was careful not to touch any circuitry. I applied using a toothpick, and then cleaned up excess with a Q-tip before closing it all up. It worked really well. The only issue i found was one partially stripped screw from factory assembly, plus the bone dry axle.

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