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Firmware with New Unit


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Crazy question.


I purchased a new POD HD500X from GC Sunday as in 5 days ago Feb 2016.  When I first installed the necessary software from Line 6 (Monkey, Edit, drivers, etc.) and successfully connected my unit the screen in Line 6 Monkey said the firmware was version 1.00 - not 0.00 as if it didn't see it.


So question, when did firmware 1.00 get released and did I really purchase a new unit or was it some old stock, in the back under the stairwell, waiting to see the light of day release?  It did update to version 2.62.00.  I had the same thing happen in Jan. 2010 when I purchased my first M13 and, due to many issues I discovered in the first 10 days) it had to be sent to Line 6 three weeks later at which time Line 6 (thank you Tony) sent me a brand new doubly inspected unit just out of production.


So, back to firmware version.  Anyone have an answer as to what firmware you had if and when you purchased a new HD500X in the past three months (Dec 2015 to Feb 2016)?





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Version 1.0 was released 7/10/13. It could be older stock, but it probably doesn't make any difference if it is.


When I bought mine, sometime early 2014, it had either 1.0 or 1.1 on it. Probably 1.1 because I always download the files and keep them and the first one I have is 1.2.

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I thought L6 ships all of them with the original firmware. And it is up to you to upgrade the firmware.


However, new vs new. That is a problem that has plagued businesses and customers for a long time. 

A new unit is one that has not been sold. It is not the latest product to come in. 

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