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Looking For Variax Combined With Hd500 Specific Sounds - Like Ac/dc Sound - Any Libraries Out There?

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I have a JTV-89 and POD HD 500.  Since I do a lot of cover music I am looking for specific sounds - like AC/DC "Shook Me All Night" guitar sound, and Bon Jovi "Livin on a Prayer", etc..  I know I can create these, and I have done a few, but is there a library out there (or can we start one) to share???

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There is no library that I know of on the Line 6 site.


In my experience, I've found that the amp and effects have a lot more to do with a particular tone than custom Variax patches would.  The correct pickup selection and body type is generally close enough if you have the amp and effects nailed.

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Have you tried:



Here's a "You Shook Me" tone:



Not specific to JTV - You can customize the tone and set the guitar model to SG or LP.


I've had a lot of success starting with the tones on customtone -  I typically tweak the tone  making sure the presets are consistent (overdrive on FS1, Chorus/Swoosh on FS2, Delay on FS3 and reverb on FS4) and make sure that the default pedal is Volume. Then I create one with and without a cab depending on whether I am going to PA or DT25.

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Glad that worked out for you.


Only slightly off topic, I've had a lot of success with the set lists provided by people like Joost-Vergoossen who is a Line6 demonstrator. There is a set list floating around called 16 x 4 Full Amps and 16 x 4 Pre Amps which I used as the basis for building tones. There might be an updated one for the newest firmware with all 22 amp tones. You can tune these to provide specific Variax Presets. 


This older thread has some great information:


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