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Has anybody made a Tom Scholz patch?

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I have an HD400 and want to set up a Boston sounding rhythm and lead patch. Any help in getting to that tone would be greatly appreciated. 


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I made one a while back, but for the HD500X. Not sure how different the two devices are, but I'll describe the the one I made with the hopes you might be able to duplicate it on the HD400.


Red Comp: sustain: 30, level 75

Q Filter: filter: BP, freq: 75, Q: 3, gain: 25, mix: 30

Line 6 Drive: bass: 85, mid: 55, treble: 60, drive: 80, output: 50

Noise gate: decay: 50, threshold 45

Solo 100 Clean: drive: 50, bass: 75, mid: 45, treble: 30, pres: 25, ch vol: 65, e.r.: 0

     DEP: master: 40, sag: 35, hum: 50, bias: 50, bias x: 50

1x12 Blue Bell 57 On Axis: low cut: 100, res level: 0, thump: 0, decay: 0

Stereo Delay (optional): left time: 186 ms, right time: 124 ms, left fdbk: 30, right fdbk: 40, mix: 45

Room Reverb: decay: 35, pre delay: 6 ms, tone: 60, mix: 30


The stereo delay is in there because I also had the stereo chorus/delay module. And to simulate the chorus, I used a pitch glide (pitch +0.1, mix 100%) in one of the paths right before the mixer, which is panned 100% left and 100% right. But the HD400 I'm almost certain doesn't have a path split? So that wouldn't work.


Anyway, good luck.

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