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Issues with Pod Farm 2.5 Mac

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Hi, so I just downloaded POD Farm 2.5 to my Macbook Pro. Before I start explaining my issues, I just want to say that the Line 6 support is absolutely horrible. I called 10 times, because every time i hit the number 2 for customer support, it wouldn't ring, and just say " I'm sorry, I didn't get your response". Okay, so my issue is that I can't get my guitar to work?? (I don't have a mixer, I read that you can do it without one on Mac?) I plugged my amp (Spider IV 30 WATT) into my computer using my ethernet cable, and when i went to turn my amp on, it would turn the amp off until i unplugged the ethernet cable. Then, I used a USB to regular guitar cable, which also didn't work. I'm sure you can tell that i'm not very good at this stuff, but i would like to make this work somehow. Thanks for reading. 

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Hi there,


One thing, I don't quite get why you need to plug in your amp to computer if you're going to use pod farm to dial in your tones anyway. I mean I understand that you're going to be using it as a Direct Input but it's a lot easier doing that through an interface.


If I were you, I'd get a guitar interface; some are very inexpensive and fine if you're just starting out. The Line 6 UX1 is a good start or there are others. Even the IK Multimedia iRig could start you off. That just enables you to go straight DI and dial in your tones in Pod Farm with minimal hassle.


Hope that helps.

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