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Great sounding Alternative to Helix


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Since my Helix has been away since the 11th of Feb and since I have been unable to get an update from the service centre I've had to put together my G2 board

You know what

It sounds bloody amazing

I'm so utterly pissed off at Line6 just now I might just relegate the Helix to backup duties

They supply a faulty product and the working musician has to take it in the shorts while they fan you about trying to fix it

Without even the basic manners of simple communication

Received your helix investigating

Found a fault with X

Ordering spare component



It wouldn't kill someone to have simple common decency to let me know what the status is

Instead you tip it into a black hole and hope it doesn't come out the other end with new faults you have to raise tickets for


Total pish boys

Total pish


Anyway here's my own pedalboard

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