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On the M13....It sure would be nice to find some "secret" documentation other than the Line 6 "advanced" manual with more MIDI CC#'s or better yet PC#'s that aren't in the book...

Is there anything out there like this?




I want to be able to use 1 scene per song.

I am using a voodoo lab pedal switching system running dirt boxes.

Lets say each of my songs has 3 parts. An intro, verse, solo, etc.

I would like to stay within that scene, switching to an entire section on each part change A, B or C.

This way I could have my three parts per song and have a total of 48 songs at my disposal. (corporate coverband  gigs)


If this possibility doesn't exist, couldn't this feature be added in an update?

I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this.



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Hi, I also wonder whether the SysEx MIDI messages specs for the M9 are available somewhere. I managed to program Max/MSP to control my M9 on a very basic level (switching effects on and off, and controlling the expression pedal values via MIDI). But it's not enough, I'd like to have a complete control over the unit.


I'm actually about to drop them an e-mail, let's see if they reply.





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I am running a Voodoo GCX Switcher and a Ground Control Pro in a rack. I placed the M13 on a sliding shelf within the rack.  If you have the GCX  and GCP for your switching system, I recommend the following:


Go into a preset on the GCP (preset 1), set all of the effects blocks on the M13 to taste, go back to the GCP and save the preset (this will save on your Line 6 automatically).  Now, you can leave the preset and return to the preset and you will notice that your M13 returns to your desired settings.


Carry on this process for Preset 2, 3, 4 on the GCP.  Now, in your song, you can begin the song on preset 1.  For the chorus part of the song, you can select preset 2, Solo-preset 3 etc...  This is the manner that I use my setup.  I like it because I can also name the presets and see the screen on the GCP respond to the selected preset.  For the next song, scroll to the next bank and repeat this process.  Now you can have your set programmed with the name of each song, chorus, solos etc... right on the screen of the GCP in front of you as you are playing and in the desired order:)

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