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Helix and Control


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Can anyone reccomend a definitive 'best option' for extra expression pedals for the helix? I have the helix pedal version not the rack and have ordered a roland ev-5 for an extra expression pedal but am now worried that theres no toe switch on the ev-5 so wont be able to use switching on it?
I also wondered if anyone could shed any light on the possibility of being able to use the Helix Control floorboard for the rack, but with the pedal version?? I use quite a lot of switches for signal paths stuff, like between multiple amps and IR's/cabs so doesn't leave much room for actual effects switching??
Thanks in advance!!

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The Mission Engineering EP1-L6 works like a charm for wah. It sucks for volume. The onboard pedal works well for volume though.


Don't worry about no switch on the Roland pedal. It wouldn't make a difference if it did have one anyway. It just plugs into either EXP2 or EXP3. If you plug it into EXP3, the onboard pedal still can toggle between EXP1 and EXP2.


Using Helix Control with the non-rack Helix isn't possible as far as I know.

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Roland EV-5 as an external expression pedal is a no go. I 'think' because it has a TRS cable it means that trying to control any parameter with it e.g pitch wham, wah, vol not only is it not very clean sweep it goes from say 3% to 97% but its also inverted so pedal up is vol down and then you rock the pedal back and it turns it up??


Anyone got a fix for this??



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