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Mobile POD not saving user tones properly


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Hi all,

I purchased the Mobile POD software to run with my Focusrite iTrack Dock. It is displaying some annoying audio pops and clicks and problems saving my custom tones. When you go to save it will turn certain effects off. In my case, I added a noise gate to the effects chain. Every time I tried to save, it would turn the effect off. Exiting the user tone and then going back to it doesn't resolve the issue. Sometimes rebooting the app will correct this, but the darned thing is so flaky, I never know what it's going to do.


The pops and clicks issue is a big problem as well. Sometimes killing the app and restarting will resolve this. Often it doesn't.


I sure would like to get some help on this, as apparently, there's no way to contact support about this issue. I'm concerned that Line 6 isn't even developing this app any more in which case, I paid for a broken app and I want my freaking money back.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



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