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Can't update or get it to work..


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Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, 16GB memory, etc. Also have Nexus 6P Android phone. Amplifi 75. Firmware 1.00.


Can't get this thing to be able to connect to the phone or update.


I downloaded the drivers. They say to not have the unit plugged in, then at some point after install they say to plug in USB. Done.


I installed the Line 6 Updater. Done.


My amp shows up in the updater.


Go to update it tells you to put it in update mode.. hit two buttons, turn on unit.. it says lights will go out. They do not. Tone is lit up.


Tried update anyway. 2 seconds later "Firmware Update Failed". Please make sure your Amplifi Device is connected to your computer via USB.. it was just detected by software earlier. Of course it's connected.


I just spent $1400 on a guitar and amp.. I'm not about to go buy some beat up Windows XP and try it. I have no Apple products in my house and I hope to never have one. Not even the stupid fruit with that nasty skin on the outside.


When I first got the amp I was able to pair it to bluetooth, but that's it. I couldn't select it in the software.. it was greyed out.


Is there a way to get a file I can try updating via local file?

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I have tried multiple USB ports.. back 2.0 and 3.0, also front just in case.


I've tried a factory reset. I've also tried it straight up without update mode.


When I contact support they kind of tell me the same things over and over.


Anyway, my Cousin has an iPhone, but I hate bothering him. Long story.

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just got the 75 today... almost the same issue except it doesn't even show up in the device list for the updater. I knew I would have to update it to get it to work with android when i decided to buy it but this is a little ridiculous. I do have a friend with an Iphone and i'm going to get the firmware updated tomorrow. But two things i'd like to suggest to Line 6: First, make the device IOS/Android compatible from the factory, these have been in production for what two years now? Second, make the user manual an actual user manual not just a quick start guide. 300.00 and now i have to wait another day to be able to use the device.  

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Alright, I brought the unit to work and got a co-worker with an iPhone to do the update for me. I did the factory reset after that.


I looked in the Amplifi software and it says "2.50.2" or whatever the number is. I didn't write it down, just going off memory. I unpaired his bluetooth and took my amp back to my desk.


Plugged it in and put it in bluetooth pairing mode. Paired my phone. Open Amplifi software and log into my account.


Go to device select and it says "Device Update. It appears you are connected to an AMPLIFi device, but it's firmware is not up to date. Please update your AMPLIFi."


I had my co-worker reinstall the Amplifi software again, it shows "2.50.2" or whatever the number is. I didn't write it down.


Now what?

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Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Unpaired my device and repaired. I think it may work now, but will only know when I get home tonight. I can see the device in my Android now and the firmware number.


I tried selecting a few things Brit something something (I forge tthe exact name) and Citrus D-30. It keeps giving me a message about reconnect, which I assume is the bluetoth connectivity problem I hear about on the forums. But sometimes it doesn't give me that message.


I'll try it out when I get home. I think it'll be okay now.

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