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Problem setting Output to Digital


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I have a strange problem.
I made a preset as seen on the picture:




The signal paths are as follows:


Path 1A is a seperate path to be usaed for a microphone so I can put some effects on my voice.

Path 1B is for guitar and continues to path 2A.

Pathe 2A splits after the amp to path 2B with a Y-split. 

Path 2B Contains some post amp effects. I do this to have a signal without the delays going to the output as wel as a singnal with delays. This makes my guitar playing more articulate, not completely being delayed.

Both 2A and 2B ar set to Digital output because I send to my DT25 through Line6 Link.


The problem (bug?):


If I change the output to something else I can't return to Digital. Somehow the digital output is not available, eventhough it's selected allready.


Why is this? Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug?



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If Helix sees an L6 LINK device (like DT25), L6 LINK takes over and that Digital Out parameter does nothing.


Ah, that makes kind of sense. Thanks!

It would be a little less confusing if Line6 LINK wasn't mentioned behind the Digital output then)

Still, thinking about it some more I'm still confused.

You say Line 6 Link takes over when Helix sees a DT25. 

What does Line 6 take over? It doesn't take over my signal going to XLR, so how exactly does it work?

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