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4CM - sound differences


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Hi !

I have a Helix which i wanna use with the 4CM method with a Friedman Brown eye 

I have downloaded "VMONCEBAIZ" 4CM2 and 4CM3  patches  ( The amp sound how it's supposed to.

I have also downloaded some other presets of his and others , but even if i close all the effects , i put send retruns instead of amps and cabs , all the other patches sound a bit different than 4cm2 and 3 . I have also put only send and return in one patch and it too sound different ( same as all other presets ) . 

Please help me , i dunno what to do , i tried everyhing , i also spent a lot of time figuring out how to insert an EXT AMP block but now i know . 
I have tried with removing the global eq , is not that . It something in those 2 patches  that make the amp sound right . Al the others loose some of the treble and are a very little bit louder, and the sound is less organic  ! 
Thanks a lot for the help 

Best Regards 

Alex ! 
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So for whom wants to help !  


In this archive there are some presets 

- RIFF , SOLO LEAD and CLEAN are based on VMONCEBAIZ patches ( 4cm 2 and 4CM3 ) ... wit this ones the amp sounds full 

- STEREO KELLEN , WISH YOU WERE HERE and JTM LEAD are also VMONCEBAIZ presets, but they sound different even if i matched everything 

- Others are mine , but as you can see , they will also sound different , even if UEW PRESET is just a send and return ! 


From what I hear, sounds like a buffer somewhere , the difference is not huge in terms of volume , but is in terms of sound quality and frequency. It sounds plastic somehow ! 


Please help, is my first time going digital and i already feel my geek level has doubled :))

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Apparently if i set the return on MY PATCHES to 100 MIX the sound is good , but on VMONCEBAIZ the return is set to standard 50%. I will record a video to show clearly , maybe someone else will find himself stuck here !

The return has to be set at 100% for 4cm. You will have phase issues if not, which is the "plastic" sound that you describe.

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The return has to be set at 100% for 4cm. You will have phase issues if not, which is the "plastic" sound that you describe.

This is a must!!!


You will also want to make sure you bring down your return dB level. If not you will be going into your effect loop too hot and this will cause unwanted clipping which will make it sound harsh. I have mine on -6.5dB.

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