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Guide to getting bluetooth to work with Android?


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I've got the Amplifi 75. I brought it to work today and had a friend do the update since he has an iPhone. It's now running 2.50.2.


He unpaired himself and I was able to pair myself.


Coming back later on, though, it doesn't always connect. I don't know what I did to get it to connect. One time I pressed the bluetooth button on the amp and it connected me somehow. Another time I switched the amp off and also turned off bluetooth on my phone. Then turned them back on. Another time I turned bluetooth off and on twice and it connected.


Seems like every time I go in the software it's never connected. it shows up under Devices. and gives me a message about Reconnecting and reloading the presets or something, but it never works unless I do something which I mentioned in the above paragraph. I'm just not sure what I did.


I've got a pretty top of the line phone, Nexus 6P running the latest Android.


PS - I see Line 6 has other modeling guitar amps like the Spider.. but do they have any that can go online and search for user created tones the way this amp (and the Fender Mustang) does? I may sell this amp or try and return it and get something else. I'd rather not get another Fender Mustang, but if I have to I have to.

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I think the solution is every time I want to use the amp I have to turn bluetooth on my phone off and back on to get it to connect. Kind of annoying since I play my guitar 5 or 10 times throughout the night, weekends maybe more than that. I play for 10 or 15 minutes at a time and break it up by doing laundry, watching tv, etc.


I may keep this for a little bit until I get some money, but I'm probably going to get rid of this amp and go for one of the Fender Mustang amps. I had one previously. It doesn't have bluetooth, but it does hook to PC and it does have tones you can download and different amps you can model it after. 


It doesn't look anywhere near as sexy as the Amplifi, but the big thing with the Fender Mustang's? They work.

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