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Helix / DT25 digital clipping possible, when using L6-Link ?


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I use the Helix with my DT25 amp.



First I used the digital L6-Link input of the DT25 and also sent the MIDI commands (separate midi-cable) to switch off the DT's pre amps.
I set the master volume of the Helix and DT25 to 50%.
I used a clean guitar sound but at higher volumes (helix volume > 50%) I recognized a distortion at the DT25 output.
I checked the helix headphone signal. Here it was clean.
Ok I thought it is the amps powerstage distortion at hight volumes.


After this I tried the analog FX-Loop-Return of the DT25 with the line output of the helix.

I played the same clean guitar signal and I increased the master volume of the helix up to 100%.
The master of the DT had no function here.

Here I got more headroom before the amp starts to distort and also the distortion sound was different as with L6-Link.


For both I measured the cab level with a spl meter.

My question:

I think the helix has a huge signal headroom because of the 32bit cpu calculations inside.
When I use the digital L6 interface then the DA converter of the DT25 must manage the digital level.
Can it be, that the DT25 gets into digital clipping at higher Helix signal. (same problem as HD500)

Can any DT user confirm this ?  

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