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Problems to update Amplifi 75


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First of all, sorry for the language issues I could make, I'm French...

I just bought a Amplifi 75 then I downloaded Amplifi Remote for Android. First problem: I can't access to the presets, my Amplifi doesn't appear on the screen. So I guess that I have to update the Amplifi, then I download the Line 6 Updater on my PC. Second problem : when I click on the icon after having connected the Amplifi to the PC, I've only a black screen with "Select device to update" and nothing else! No gear to select! I've joined the image so that you can see what I mean.

Help, what's going on?

Thanks for answering



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Find someone with an iPhone. Updated worked perfectly for me, although it does take about 45 minutes. After that you should be able to connect with your Android, although for me the connection isn't good. Every time I go to use my amplifier, I usually have to turn bluetooth off and back on to get it to connect.

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