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EQ straight after guitar?


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Is it possible to have a parametric eq straight after the guitar? 

I can use the Boost+EQ pedal, but that's not very flexible. I'd really like to be able have some high/low pass filters before anything else, but I can't work out how.



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No you can't and as you have already found boost and eq is the only other eq effect.

I always use a tubescreamer or tube drive first in the chain to shape the tone and that works well for me


What is it that you're trying to achieve?

Generally speaking there aren't that many highs and lows to remove until after the amp has done its thing, at least that's how I've always approached it.


Your only other option would be to buy a parametric eq pedal and run it between guitar and firehawk

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Humm, thanks. 


My use case is that I have a guitar with some super wide frequency pickups (lace sensor alumitones) that can sound quite harsh if put straight into an slightly overdriven amp, but sound amazing with some pre-eqing. I normally use a graphic eq first in my signal chain, but I was hoping not to need it with my Firehawk. 

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