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Polls by forum users? - Registered forum users in contrast to Idea Scale


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I wanted to ask whether polling is possible with the current forum version, because I couldn't find the option while the feature exists in the latest version:


I concluded that not everyone here makes an Idea Scale account, just as it took me a long time untill I did. And there are certain questions best answered where everyone relevant for the question already is, and from a sub-forum thread poll reflect with a solid number referenced on the Idea Scale entry that more votes are simply deferred, but the difference in votes up, do also clearly support the idea/request.


There are currently according to the visible stats on Idea Scale "Line 6 Ideas" community, "7726 Users", while I don't know how many users are registered on this forum. Also I don't remember whether signing up to register a Line 6 product automatically creates a new forum user.


And not yet contrasting what percentage on both are active.


Edit: so I just noticed the forum stats at the bottom of the main community page here, and the contrast with Idea Scale, the difference, the distance in numbers between the two is somewhat objectively and subjectively the equivalence of the grand canyon.


"128933 Total Posts

294259 Total Members

2594 Most Online"


It's a factor of 38~x!!!! Over quarter of a million users!


So many registered users, probably only for registering the products without posting on the forum, deduced by the fact that there are so many posts by active users, while all existing posts by everyone combined is about 2/5th of the total of the known assumingly individual users! That's the total registered! Not even the true total of everyone that has purchased a Line 6 product one way or the other, and that have not registered their product.


But I assume there are accounts which no longer own the registered product because of they have sold them or the product malfunctioned and was disposed. And I don't know if it's possible to register a product that was previously registered by someone else and not deleted from their account upon sale to the next owner.


Despite that uncertanty in the true total known unique users, the Idea Scale maximum total possible ready voters currently, are merely a very small portition of the Line 6 "Potential Roadmap, User Driven Stearing Influence". There is resistence for starting and managing multiple accounts for one brand alone, in a world that is still is filled with needed accounts for so many services despite single sign on via social media accounts. I experienced a similar resistance.


Line 6 has once upgraded the old forum (archived the old, also a nice move for searchability), and used this integrated system, which works well. But the fact that the voting system isn't integrated here must have a technical reason.


However not allowing polls assumingly to encourage adoption of Idea Scale, is limiting tools here for users to make relevant overviews taking only registered Line 6 users into account. I assume Idea Scale is also meant for anyone interested to give feedback and not necessarily having bought a Line 6 product. Allowing polls here can be complementary to votes on Idea Scale. And might make feedback easier rather than essentially posting +1 and -1 (not the user points system), since voting on a poll here is accessible immediatly to anyone of the almost 300.000 users. Alas most not active, but still, a poll is helpfull. A voter can later decide to create an account if they notice the results of a specific poll would make it clear that it would matter sooner rather then maybe never. And how many might agree or disagree with an idea, and just read and not reply? Whil just clicking an option, is more convenient and anonymous between users but still within the verified interest group.

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No. the polls were enabled and abused initially. I support Line6's decision to keep them disabled.

Are you supporting Line 6's decision?

Or are you convinced we can not manage Poll abuse?


What was the nature of the initial abuse if I may ask? What was it that talking lollipop to kingdome come about Line 6 in a flaming spree on every thead won't rival?


Aren't there more than enough moderators to "keep us in Line"? By which I mean acceptable behavior.

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it doesn't work like that... we're not going to babysit anyone.

the polls were abused. would surely be abused again if they were enabled. sorry.

If I say something immature and unforgivable now, you and other moderator-like powers (pinned topics, etc) won't use your privliges to put someone behaving like that in line?


Babysitting? I don't know much about conflict resolution, I want to feel like I do, but calling the process of understanding a user that didn't register for the sole purpose of abuse, for the sole purpose of trolling, or even for the sole purpose of pissing someone off, surely the process of understanding that customer, or potential customer, surely that process should not be oversimplified to the comparison of dealing with the limits of the cognitive capacities of a newborn.


I do appreciate your input. Since I'm still new. I hate the fact that I don't know the specifics of the Poll abuse. But that's also my problem.


Edit: spelling.

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