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Hd500 Vs. Hd500x - Cpu Difference, Feature Request, Etc.


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Curious if there is official technical details regarding the differences between the processing capabilities of the HD500 and the HD500X.


I have an HD500. I do use and enjoy it although I miss my some of my X3Live model library. I have encountered the dreaded DSP limit on my 500HD when setting up patches for Guitar / Mic combos.


Given the dynamic nature of the DSP engine I understand why it's difficult to mention HD500X capabilities in terms of ratios when compared to the HD500 so I'm simply looking for CPU statistics to estimate the additional modeling capabilities for myself. Has this information been published anywhere?


Lastly, do you (as in Line 6 employees / engineers) think it would be possible to put a MicroSD card reader in the next gen Line6 hardware and allow:


1. Playing MP3s (different filename stored per patch of course) from SD storage so I can leave my iPod / iPad / MP3 player home? PD500XXXL (or whatever) could now handle all Mic pre duties, all Guitar preamp duties, all backing track duties given maybe two extra foot switches.

2. Possibly loading patches or set lists from SD storage.

3. Recording input as WAV / MP3 to the SD storage.


Digitech hardware has all of this capability but of course they got it all wrong.

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We ran some tests last month, and figured out that it's about 20% more DSP. Enough for one more heavy effect, or a few more less intensive effects. Remember that you're still limited to 8 spots, so that little extra can make quite a bit of difference depending on what you're trying to do.

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