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HD500x + DT50 = ...what now?...

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Got my HD500x a week-ish ago and picked up a DT50 2x12 last night.


Now I'm trying to get everything setup.  I've been going through the manuals but MAN are they lengthy and layed out a bit strangely.


I'm currently doing the "4 cable method" but it doesn't seem to be using the amp at all.  I can turn all the knobs on the amp, nothing changes.  I also get no sound unless I load an amp sim in the HD500x.  I'd really like to use the amp's (surprisingly good) tones and the pedal more for just the effects until I get the superspecialwhizbang cable to properly connect the pedal to the amp.


Is there a setting or something I'm missing?  Is there a tutorial video or two for all this?  This is actually quite a bit more complicated than I expected.  lol


Super happy with the setup now, though.  Sounds great.  Just gotta get it all dialed in.  


Thanks for any help!

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