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How to run 2 signals to 2 seperate PA channels


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Okay so I created a patch on my Pod for my acoustic guitar and a vocal mic for playing live. I created 2 separate signal paths to the pod mixer that way I could have separate effects and volumes on each channel. It sounds pretty awesome but I am curios if I can take it a step further. I am running the signal from the pod to a 4 channel power amp mixer and speakers with a 1/4 cable coming from the left mono output. The issue is that it's just going into one channel of the mixer. Is there anyway to run both signals from the pod to 2 different channels in my mixer? That way I could adjust my basic volume and eq from the my PA mixer instead of bending down to adjust my pod? I don't know hardly anything about live sound or tech stuff. Most of the pod functions are over my head. Do I run another 1/4 inch cable from the right mono output? I want my Mic signal ran to it's own separate PA channel and then my guitar signal run into it's own PA channel. Is that possible? Please explain in detail.

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Use right and left outputs of the HD, open HD Edit and pan the outputs - one hard left and the other hard right - then into the external mixer they go.


There are a lot of good threads on HD routing to mixers here. Well worth a read.

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