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Hd500 L6 Link No Sound

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I have a POD HD500 running in to a Line 6 DT25 head.


The HD500 is connected to the DT25 via the L6 link.


The unit has worked perfectly fine for a few months until recently. During a gig the sound just cut out completely. After swapping different cables (XLR, guitar etc) the sound came back.

When back home I tried to replicate the fault but everything worked fine once again.


A few weeks later the same thing happened again and then the display on pedal went blank, lit up but no information displayed.I un-plugged the pedal and went direct in to the amp, it worked fine.

The following night I had another gig, plugged my pedal in as normal and it worked fine!


I've just come to plug my pedal in again but first did a factory reset and flashed the firmware (successfully).


Now I'm getting no sound or control from my pedal to the amp. If I plug headphones in it's fine, if I go direct into the amp without the pedal it's fine.


I know straight away someone is going to say use a DMX XLR rather than standard but I honestly can't see this being the problem as the unit has worked fine with this XLR for months until now, I have also tried various other high quality XLR cables and none work.

DMX cables are hard to get hold of here without ordering on-line.


I can't use the warranty as I purchased the unit second hand and don't have proof of purchase.


Can anyone recommend a solution or at least how to open the unit up to see if there is a loose connection on the XLR output?


PLEASE HELP, I have a gig tomorrow!!!


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Hi Ian,

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues, I cant offer a solution but I just wanted to share with you that I had the exact same problem, it just happened right after I purchased my DT25, it worked for a while and then one night on the middle of a live performance everything went blank and stopped working,  I Re Started the HD500 and it worked fine, But the communication between the HD500 and the DT25 was lost, I could not figure out what the issue was, Everything worked fine alone separately, at first I thought the DT25 Amp was the problem, I even sent it for repair, it came back fine with no issues.. I spent almost a year trying to figure this out, a Line 6 Authorized Repair Tech told me that in order for them to be able to figure it out I needed to bring my whole setup and leave it there for them to diagnose.. well, I never did that because I could not afford to be able to be without my HD500 as I use it almost everyday at church.


I had to use a wedge monitor out of the 1/4' and use the XLR outs from the HD500 to the FOH Mixer since I could not use my DT25 Amp Anymore. I am ok with this for now. ( Well, I had to retweak all my presets to match this.. ) But my DT25 was now sitting at home just collecting dust..

The Good thing about the HD500 is that is very flexible and you can use it in very many different ways, all this outputs are very handy.


I Inquired with Line 6 Tech support and in here, the forums but I found that nobody, was able to tell me what the issue was, well.. it is also kind of hard to explain, and I understand that, but I was frustrated because I could not believe I was the only one with this Problem.. so, no help, no answers.


Ok, To make it short.. and this is the reason I replied to your post..

I ended up Buying the New HD500X, I was dying to connect it to my DT25 and for my surprise, it worked perfectly!! 


So, in my Opinion, Yes I think something is wrong with the L6 Link in your HD500, Maybe there was a weak connection or a flaw in certain production models, poor production materials.. I don't know. I don't think is a Programming issue either as Everything else works fine it is just the L6 Link Connection on mine, and I don't know if that is even repairable, I wish someone here would let us know this.


For me, it was worth investing on a new one because I Really like this system and I use almost daily, I Bought mine just as they became available on 2009 or 2010.. So, I know I am sticking to this.


I know, I really did not give you a solution but just wanted to share my opinion, hope it helps.



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My HD500 connected to DT25 intermittently loses sound output to be replaced by a low level high pitched squeal. If I cycle power on the DT25, it fixes it. My DT25 is only about 4 or 5 months old so should still be under warranty. I have noted this problem to Line 6 but have not heard anything back from them. I am wondering if it is a software issue or something in hardware that is dithering due to a weak component or latent failure looming. Not very happy about the situation.

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