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HD500X Simpler Way to Change Presets


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Is there any easier way to switch between presets on the HD500X? Instead of how I do it now, where I select presets by first hitting one of the arrow switches to get to the bank selector, where I can see the 4 presets in that current bank and my current preset flashing  and then pressing A B C or D to change to one of the others.


What I'd like to do instead, is be able to change with only one footswitch press. Is there some way I can permanetly remain on this bank selector screen, or can I map the A B C D footswitches to other completely different presets, instead of toggling effects?


I used to have an HD400 and I believe it was possible to change presets by just hitting A B C or D, but it also had less footswitches able to be assigned to effects, unless I am remembering it incorrectly.


I use the 4 cable method so I can use my head's distortion, and the way I change from distorted to clean right now for songs is first remember to 'prime' the POD by pressing one of the arrow switches, and then at the pressing my amp's footswitch to go to clean while simultaneously pressing the A B C or D footswitches on the POD to change patches. Then to go back to distortion I have to again remember to 'prime' the POD, then simultaneously press the POD and my amp's footswitch.


Pressing two switches at once is not a problem, but that first step of getting to the bank selector screen is a hassle, I'd like to be able to cut that out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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In the Setup Menu page 1 set FS Mode to ABCD. It sounds like you currently have it set to FS5-8. When set to ABCD the footswitches A through D will select the corresponding preset in the current bank rather than switch designated FX on/off. You will first have to remap any FS assignments in the 5-8 range.


You cannot map the A-D footswitches to select presets outside the current bank.

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Dittoes here.  Thanks for the solution.  My XT Live was ABCD and I never changed it.  The two tap patch changing within the same bank is driving me nuts.  I bought my HD500X used, and it came set up all wonky, so I did a factory reset.  (I did not reflash, thanks).  This thing is far far different from the old XT Live (which I still have).  The sound is just plain superior.  Is there a video like "HD500X for Retards"?  I could sure use one.  The YouTubes tend to assume the viewer has a basic understanding that I flat do not have.

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