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POD HD500X - Ableton Live 9 recording

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I want to use my USB connection to record guitar in Ableton live. My settings are in the 1st screenshot below. So far I can not choose POD as an input. I am using the ASIO4ALL. I believe this should be the correct driver - in FL studio I used ASIO4ALL and was able to use my POD without any hiccups.


My 2nd screenshot shows the driver to be ASIO POD500X, however I do not want to use POD for MIDI, just audio... is this the correct way to think? Let me know if I should think otherwise. In any case, there IS input from the guitar but I can not hear it.


I do not have a hardware audio interface


Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks!



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Use the POD ASIO driver as in your second screenshot. Avoid ASIO4ALL.


The POD becomes your computer's soundcard. You need to connect your speakers to the POD's outputs to hear the sound.

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