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4cm question

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Hi everybody I'm from Italy and I apology for my english.

This is my question:

when I run my Helix in 4cm with my Two rock, wich is the difference between putting a loop insert or a separate send and return in the path?

in the Line 6 tutorial I see they suggest send and return separated.....but in the templates in the Helix there is a loop!!!

There is any difference, the sound change??

Thanks for the replays.

best regards


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If you're using them as effects loops the only difference I can tell is that, if you leave them separate, you have the option of sticking some other blocks between them.  I tend to just use the loop.


Another reason is that sometimes you may want to send the signal out but you don't want it back.  For example, sending it out to another amp.  Or you may just want to use a return to bring an outside item into your signal chain, like another instrument or a metronome or external looper.

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