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Variax Standard w Spider IV75W amps

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What features can I expect if I connect my Variax to my Spider Mk-IVm75W amps? Have 2 amps, one controlled with a FBV Longboard and the other with FBV Express. Can I either connect the Variax RJ45 directly to the Amp's RJ45 (displacing the pedal boards), or is there any point to connecting the Variax RJ45 to the pedal controllers' RJ45, and then connecting the Pedal controller's USB to a computer?  Would any of these get my DAW to recognize my Variax signal.   My main point is that I want pure Variax sound, and therefore not simply going thru a 3rd party I/O box (Presonus AudioBox iOne or AudioBox USB Stereo).   I just want to record direct to  Presonus Studio One v3.2 Pro DAW from my Variax, after seeing a YouTube video that does this w ProTools.

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