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JTV-69, XPS AB Box and Magnetic Pickups

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Using my less than a month old JTV-69 the other day through the magnetic pickups, without modeling, I noticed that all the treble was gone. Turned on modelling to Lester and sound was great. All modeled tones sound great, but magnetics sounded dead. When I remove and re-insert the TRS cable to restart the guitar, the treble would temporarily return to the mags, but would fade after a few seconds. I called Line 6 and they had no clue. I called a local guy and he asked how I was connected. That was when I remembered the night before I was using without the AB box and the mags sounded fine. Over the last couple of days, when using without the AB box mags are fine, but with the XPS, they are dead. I have replaced the TRS cable on the XPS and tried it with and wothout the XLR connected, same result. Any one else using the XPS box experience such a thing? I am wondering if replacing the box will fix or if the box is only meant to be used for modeling tones only?? 

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Definitely odd. You've tried different cables, and the guitar is fine without the A/B box, so it would seem that the box itself is the culprit...though why, I have no idea. I'd be more suspicious if it were happening with the modeling as opposed to the mags, but without the modeling engaged, the JTV is a plain old "dumb" guitar like anything else...the tone-suck would seem to be happening in the A/B box. Weird...

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