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I received my helix last week and the current FW is 1.04.3  My question is how do I load the 1.06.5 bundle on the machine. Do I need special software, do I have to set the Helix up to receive transfer of software, Thanks


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1.Download Helix Application v1.04 here:




2.Install all of its components (including drivers, updater and helix application)


3. Download Helix Firmware v1.06.5


4. Use the (previously installed) updater to load that .hxf file (that's the firmware, actually) into helix.




+1 to klangmaler.  I downloaded just the latest App (1.04) and followed the information in this link as well as using the "Hold down foot-switches 9 & 10 then turn on power and release when you see the reset message".  The 1.04 app installed all the other software (drivers, updater, etc.) then provides a way to download straight from the Line6 site.  Very similar to Line6 Monkey so not a big learning curve for those who have used Line 6 Monkey.  For those of you just now purchasing the Helix as your first Line 6 product, not much of a learning curve at all.



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I'm running on a Mac.  Currently using 1.04 firmware.  Backed up my bundle then downloaded 1.06 and latest updater.  Updater prompts me to select a device, but no way to do so.  Also, 1.06 download prompts for an app but updater is not selectable.  Thoughts?

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Same setup, can't remember which was successful but - either have the Helix hooked up, and turn it on after the updater says select device, or plug it in after starting the updater, or have it turned on when you start the updater - you get the idea, change the sequence around and it should finally appear in order to be selected - that's what happened for me, I just don't remember which sequence.

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