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Pod HD 500 stop working when I put FX Loop in the chain


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I put the FX Loop at the end and then go to the "mixer" and increase both volumes and change the "pan" on both channels to zero. I still got sound before though it was really quiet. I am relatively new to these rocket scientist thingies but it worked for me.

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Basic 4cm:


Guitar->POD Instr Input->POD FX/Amp (pre fx loop)->POD FX Loop Block->POD FX Send->Amp Instr Input->Amp FX Out->POD FX Return->POD FX/Amp (post fx loop)->POD 1/4" Out->Amp FX Return


If that's in order and you're sure your cables are good, refer to Pages 55-56 "FX Loop" in the POD HD500 Advanced Guide.

If that's all good, you maybe got a problem.

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