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Reset Pod 2.0 Still Shows Edited

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I bought a POD 2.0 used on E-bay. It's my first one. I tried a reset per instructions by holding down the up and down button while powering it up. It went through the ID and then "inIt", then shows 1a. When I turn the Amp Modle knob and no matter which bank I go to, they all show "EDITED" Is this normal? My guess is that it would not show EDITED anywhere until I edit on that particular bank and channel. Is there something I am missing. Is there another surefire way to reset. I downloaded the Line 6 Monkey and could not get to a reset for the 2.0.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried that also to no avail. I noticed that every knob  that I turn except the output level knob will bring up the EDITED light. When I push either the up or down buttons the EDITED light goes away. If I turn the knobs as described above the EDITED icon lights up. I've held the up and down buttons before I powered it down and powered it back up with out letting them go... I've tried just about every combo I can think of...Did I get screwed or something?

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So if I'm understanding you correctly, by resetting it as described above, it is reset to the factory settings and by merely turning any dial (except the output) it is immediately edited. To what, the factory settings? My assumption is that it would not show as being edited until I hit the save button on a peticular bank/channel. How would I know what bank/channel I edited and the ones I didn't? I don't get it. I do appreciate your help. Thanks

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