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Pocket Pod Midi Footswitch

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Some years ago I have modified PocketPod to use a simple footswitch (just up/down and tap tempo) by soldering cables directly on the pcb...
Now I found this video: 

So...it's possibile to control pocket pod directly via midi without PC(*)... 
Please could you suggest me somethings? I d' like to build a little pedalboard: up, down, tap and expression pedal by using Arduino... 
Thanks in advance !

Best regards



(*) PS: please refer to this old post on the old forum... the post was closed in this way:
"anyone who wants to use a MIDI controller needs to use a whole computer as the junction box to connect the controller to the Pocket POD"... but it's false... the video shows that it's possibile to controlo pocket pod via midi without computer !




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I can confirm it works really well. After some experimentation it seemed that it can be done after all.


The 10 dollar MIDI floorboard for the Pocket Pod :-)


In short, I used a cheap older  raspberry pi and an old USB keyboard from the junkbin with faded letters and a bit of python code.



As soon as I cleaned up the code and documentation and finish the extra LED indicators electronics I'll release the code and electronics somewhere. Probably on GIT or somewhere alike.



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Where did you find the midi control codes to use in the pocket pod? I have used this before on other units but usually had a table of codes to work with to send the unit.



They are published at Line6 at http://l6c-acdn.line6.net/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593546810e/application/pdf/MIDI%20Continuous%20Controller%20Reference%20(%20Rev%20F%20).pdf


The POD MIDI Sysex specifications also seems to apply to the Pocket Pod after some tests.

I could send a SysExe patch and bulk dump request and data came back



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In the below link you may see my solution for controlling Pocket POD using Raspberry Pi W as a MIDI controller.



Program runs on Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is also working on Raspberry Pi Model B.

This video shows Pocket POD connection with Raspberry Pi Zero W

* Only OTG cable required to connect both devices

* At the end of the video I tried Wah Wah with tablet's motion sensor. I forgot my tablet does not have motion sensor :).

But it works with my phone. Shake your phone and you get Wah Wah effect.

See other videos for PD Patch, GUI Interface and text descriptions:

Demo with Pocket POD connected to Raspberry Pi: PD & MIDI Configuration: https://youtu.be/n9fUughpuog

PD GUI remote connection demo: https://youtu.be/KgRP33Cb9XA

RoboRemo remote connection demo: https://youtu.be/Mi8RPiiXM-o

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