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Crackle from podX3


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When I put my pod x3 into the front end of an amp, it's fine at first , then after a while it starts to give out a crackle, which is intermittent, but can be quite loud while its doing it.

I know the pod is causing the issue because

- unplugging the guitar has no effect

-I've changed all the cables

- I've tried it with another amp, still the same

- there's no other electrical equipment on anywhere near to cause interference, and I've even tried it at someone else's house still the same


Has anyone experienced anything similar?


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Just guessing on this... with the unit powered off: Spray some DeOxit (or other contact cleaner) on a 1/4" jack and do the in/out a few times on the jacks. Sometimes the jacks get a little oxidized.


Only reason I mention this is a few amps I've had needed this treatment.


Another thing to try would be the "turn the knobs all the way c-wise abunch of times and then do it ccw". That would be for the pots as a just in case. But it really doesn't sound like the typical "pot jitter".



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