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First gig using helix with a FRFR... Success!


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Went well!! No valve amp and it sounded fine!


Used XLR out to FOH and L6 link to my onstage foldback. The L2M was plenty loud enough.. In fact it had more available. Was cranking and sounded fantastic. Sound guy said there was no noise although I did ensure phantom was off on my channel.


Only issue was a little harshness with overdrive on bridge pickup but I'll cut a little more on the EQ to fix that. Until tonight I'd only experimented at home and not at gig volume so a little tweaking is to be expected


I'm still baby steps with this whole modeling multi fx thing so I had everything I needed for the gig in a single patch. Sounded great and to be honest, kicking the Minotaur and the Timmy in together with some delay really kicked butt and I actually played better as a result.


So, definitely not regretting this purchase at all! Made even better by the fact I got the L2M almost half price as an ex-demo unit :-)



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