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Disappointed!! Updating Amplifi 150 is a Nightmare!!!


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I have had the Amplifi 150 for 3 days and played with it out of the box for 10 min. when I realized that I needed to update the amp to use my Android device before it would work with full function. Should have read this forum before purchasing!! All the LINE 6 folks can say is to try another cable or another USB port or another PC.


                       3 cables

                       8 USB ports

                       3 PCs later...


 I still can not use this $499 paper weight! And their trick on getting it back to factory settings, with the tone and volume, will not work either!! I have used Win 10, 8 ,7 and still in the same spot!! 

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Hmm. Mine updates every time. Never tried factory reset. First time was from iPad with amplifi app. Using Bluetooth. Does your amp turn on? Can you couple it thru your Bluetooth and stream music? If you can find someone with an ipad or iPhone try install app first then update FW with iPad . Takes longer but should work. The other thing is did you install the updater on your computer first. Then download FW and other stuff? If not it has to be something internally wrong.

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Hey Quintis,

exactly how are you trying to do it? I had similar issues with various devices, in particular the shortboard MKII was a real pain in the back to get connected to my PC.

I resolved it by running monkey and FBV control at the same time, one would see the pedal, the other wouldn't, but when they were both running the Line6 Monkey opened the connection to the pedal and only then could the pedal control software connect to it. I hear your pain, it shouldn't be like this and it frustrated the hell out of me so much I was pretty angry about it all.

The amp on the other hand, I only had a couple of glitches with. It was a case of "loads of pain" to get it all connected and operational and then I just left it, I wont update iOs on my phone anymore because that reigned havoc the last time I did it. So, there are a lot of flaws in this stuff, but you should be able to get the utility to talk to the amp.


I assume you are not going via a USB hub? If you are, don't.  

Does your PC make the "clunk" noise through the speakers when you plug in your Amp? What about other devices on the same connection?
Check in your device manager and look to see if there is the Amplifi listed.If it isn't, you could search on google to ask "why is my PC not detecting my USB device" - there will be loads of rubbish answers, but try and stay on the Microsoft community sites and stay away from anyone that says things like "Down load and run this software" and also to be honest, I wouldn't touch any of the forum sites I didn't already know about, hence I would only read Microsoft's community sites for answers, the web is polluted with too much guff these days and likelihood for virus infection is too high if you start to wander about in places you don't know.


I had to escalate within Line6 because one of the first dudes that helped out was giving me the same answers you were getting, eventually I got a more experienced technician who helped me through my pedal issues, but yeah, it shouldn't be like this. We need to be pretty adept at PC stuff sometimes.


I suppose first off check Windows device manager to see if the Amp is there.

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