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Just Got A Pod Xt Bean Pod! Metal Player! What Next?

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 I just got a Line 6 xt bean pod! I play Death Metal Shred type music! I have been playing for over 30 years and still young..lol! I like a very fat warm tone but very sustaining! I don't like high end fizziness! What kind of presets or custome tones can you guys direct me towards?


 Thanks in advance!!


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For sure get the Metal Pack or just get an X3, which includes all the packs and for some reason sounds much better than the XT.


However don't get an HD unit. iMHO they sound worse and forums across the web are full f stories of people trying to get them to sound right and who later either go back to the X3 or another manufactures pedal all together.

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Hey man, I use a POD XT Live and I play the same type of music you play. I recommend this. You don't need the metal shop for it, just update your XT with using Monkey. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/127553/


You can use it as is or you can tweak it a bit. I find it gives a nice Human/Symbolic-era Death type of sound.

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