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Loud humming noise from amps


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I am experiencing a loud humming noise from my amps when using the Firehawk. Until now I have not been able to find the source. groundlift doesn't help. My setup is as follows:

guitars / behringer micromix 400 / firehawk / One channel to VOX AC30TB / Other channel via 4-cbl method to Marshall combo


Directly connecting the behringer to the amps solves the problem. But hey, that's not an option really. I have also tried connecting the marshall directly, resulting in the same humming noise. I have also tried a clean channel without any amp models or effect, but to no avail.


The noise is pretty loud. I estimate around 40db. At a concert this is not a real problem, but during practice my bandmembers are really getting freaked.


Suggestions? Anybody else experiencing these problems?


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Do you use one or two amps? I used to split the output using an A/B-box so that it would go to two amps, and that made a lot of hum. Two different amps they were.

I've not tried to do that with my firehawk so I don't know if that is the case.

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